10 FREE Garden HACKS Using Household Items, You Can't Afford to Miss This!

10 FREE Garden HACKS Using Household Items, You Can't Afford to Miss This!

What’s up grower! It's JP from Jersey here, and today, alongside Tuck the Boss, we're excited to share with you the 10 incredible household items that can be repurposed to transform your garden without costing you an extra dime. Let’s goo!
  • The Humble Q-tip: Notice your mini squash turning yellow and falling off? This could be due to poor pollination. Squash relies on bees for pollination, but what if they're not around? Here's where a Q-tip comes in handy. Simply collect pollen from a male flower (those without a squash at the base) with a Q-tip and then transfer it to your female flowers (those with the mini squash). This DIY pollination method is a game-changer for ensuring a bountiful squash harvest.
q tip
pollinate with hand
  • Clothespins for Fruit Trees: Training fruit trees into the perfect shape is crucial; clothespins can be your best ally here. Use them to adjust the branches of young apple trees to about 60 degrees, which is the sweet spot between leaf and fruit production.
clothespin on tree
  • Egg Carton Seed Starters: Plastic egg cartons can be upcycled into mini greenhouses for starting your seeds. Remember to poke drainage holes and use them for small seeds like tomatoes or eggplants. The carton's shallow cells are perfect for seedlings, but make sure to transplant them once they develop two true leaves.
  • Gallon Jug Greenhouses: Cut the bottom off a clear gallon jug; you have a mini greenhouse! This is especially useful for protecting young plants like tomatoes on chilly nights. Just secure the jug with some soil or wood chips around its base.
  • Dish Soap Insecticide: A simple solution of 2-4 tablespoons of pure (non-degreaser) dish soap per gallon of water can help combat soft-bodied pests like aphids and mites. Spray both sides of the leaves for effectiveness. For an extra punch, mix in some cold-pressed neem oil.
  • Plastic Water Bottles and Solo Cups for Seedlings: These common items can be great for starting seeds, giving more room for root growth than egg cartons. Don’t forget to add drainage holes!
  • Cardboard Weed Suppressant: Cardboard is excellent for weed suppression. Cover it with a thick layer of wood chips after removing any tape. Over time, it'll decompose and invite worms to improve your soil health. For larger areas, consider using contractor's paper for ease.
  • Pre-Soaking Seeds in a Cup: Soaking seeds like spinach or peas in water for 24 hours can significantly improve germination rates. This little step can make a big difference, especially for fall crops.
  • Eggshells for Calcium: Crushed eggshells added around tomato plants during transplanting can boost calcium and help prevent blossom end rot. Remember, consistent watering is also key in preventing this issue.
  • Ashes and Used Coffee Grounds: Wood ashes from your fireplace can be a natural potassium source. Add them to your compost pile, but use them sparingly directly in the soil as they can raise its pH. Used coffee grounds are also great for composting, offering nitrogen that plants absorb easily. Due to their near-neutral pH, they're best used around acid-loving plants like blueberries.
Do you have any more household items that double as garden tools? Share with us in the comments – Tuck and I always look for innovative, eco-friendly gardening tips! 🌱🐾

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