James Prigioni's Essential Seed Variety Guide for Gardeners - 2024

James Prigioni's Essential Seed Variety Guide for Gardeners - 2024

🍅 Tomatoes - The Garden's Crown Jewels:

Supersweet 100 Tomato: The ultimate choice for any gardener. Prolific, delicious, and disease-resistant. Ideal for both pots and ground.

Sun Gold Cherry Tomato: A flavor bomb! Early ripening, super productive, with a stunning color.

Mountain Magic Tomato: A new favorite, resistant to common tomato diseases, and incredibly productive.

Bonus: Orange Hat Tomato: A delightful small variety perfect for container gardening.

🍆 Eggplant - The Rosy Wonder

Rosita Eggplant: A pink beauty known for its sweet flavor and high yield.

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🌱 Green Beans - The Flavorful Crunch

Dragon Tongue Bean: A beautiful, flavorful, and compact variety that’s perfect for small spaces.

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🥒 Cucumbers - The Crisp Summer Treats

Suyho Long Cucumber: Burpless, long, and mild. It's a staple for any cucumber lover.

Socrates Cucumber: My personal favorite! Prolific, disease-resistant, and perfect for cooler climates.

🥬 Lettuce - The Bronze Beauty:

Bronze Mignonette Lettuce: Cold-hardy, heat-tolerant, and a prolific grower.

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🌶️ Peppers - The Sweet Crunch:

Cornito Arancia Pepper: A sweet, productive variety with a gorgeous color.

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 Jimmy Nardello: Absolutely delightful.
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SVPB8415 Peppers: A beauty with great flavor

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🍠 Squash - The Summer Delight:

Costata Romanesco Zucchini: A delicious, nutty-flavored squash that’s a must in every summer garden.

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Gelber Englischer Custard Squash: A sweet, productive variety with beautiful fruit.

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🥗 Cabbage - The Leafy Staples

Melissa Savoy Cabbage: Dependable, with good flavor and uniform-sized heads.

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Early Jersey Wakefield: An early producer with beautiful pointed heads.

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Farao Cabbage: The earliest cabbage producer I've grown, extending the growing season.

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