Creating the Prigioni Apple: A Decade-Long Journey from Seed to Fruit

Creating the Prigioni Apple: A Decade-Long Journey from Seed to Fruit

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When I first started gardening, I was captivated by the idea of growing my own fruit trees from the seeds of the fruits I ate. Among these, the apple held a special allure. 

The Journey Begins:
Back in March 2013, I started my experiment. I mixed apple seeds with other varieties and sowed them together. By May, to my delight, several apple seeds had sprouted. It was the beginning of what would become a personal journey in apple cultivation.

Cold Stratification: A Crucial Step:
Apple seeds need a cold period, called stratification, to break dormancy. In nature, this happens during winter. For those starting seeds indoors, simulate this by wrapping seeds in a damp paper towel, placing them in a plastic bag (not entirely sealed), and refrigerating them for 6-8 weeks.

Growth and Selection:
By October 2013, a few apple trees had shown considerable growth. Out of these, two were particularly healthy and strong. It was a significant moment, as these seedlings were the frontrunners in my quest to develop a new apple variety.

A Surprising Development:
Fast forward to May 2016, one of my apple trees, grown from seed, bore fruit! This was a moment of triumph – it had taken only three years from seed to fruit.

The Prigioni Apple:
Now, in October 2023, more than ten years since that humble beginning, the tree is robust and fruitful. I have named this variety the Prigioni apple. The apples are small, with a spirited flavor and a sweet finish.

The Unpredictability of Seed-Grown Apples:
Growing apples from seed is an adventure in genetic diversity. Each seedling is a unique blend of traits from its parent trees, making the outcome unpredictable and exciting.

Size and Space Considerations:
Unlike grafted trees, seed-grown apple trees become full-sized. They require space and are challenging to keep small if you want consistent fruit production. For smaller spaces, grafted trees on dwarf or semi-dwarf rootstocks are more practical.

Final Thoughts:
Growing the Prigioni apple from seed has been a journey of patience, learning, and joy. It’s a unique experience, deeply gratifying and endlessly fascinating. For those with space and curiosity, I encourage planting your own apple seeds. Who knows what unique varieties might emerge?

From a simple seed to a fruit-bearing tree, the journey of the Prigioni apple encapsulates the wonders of nature and gardening. It's a testament to the magic that can happen in your backyard, with a bit of patience and care.

Learn the simple steps to start your own watch my Apple Tree from Seed Reel!

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