IV Organic White Wash Plant Guard Pint
White Wash Plant Guard

White Wash Plant Guard

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Protect Your Plants with IV Organic® WhiteWash: The Organic Shield Against Extreme Weather

Guard your garden's beauty with IV Organic® WhiteWash, the organic gardener's preferred choice for plant protection. Specially formulated to shield roses, fruit and nut trees, ornamental trees, and shrubs from the harsh effects of summer sunburn and winter sunscald, our WhiteWash ensures your plants remain healthy and vibrant throughout the seasons.

Why IV Organic® WhiteWash Stands Out:

  • Advanced Organic Formula: Unlike traditional latex paints and tar-based products, our patented, oil-free formula offers a sustainable and healthier alternative for your plants, ensuring they thrive without harmful chemicals.

  • Versatile Application: Our unique formula can be adapted to your garden's needs. With variable water mixtures, it transforms from a thick tree paste to a smooth brush-on application, or even a foliar spray for easy coverage.

  • Diatomaceous Earth Infused: IV Organic® WhiteWash is enriched with diatomaceous earth, a natural wonder that provides an added layer of protection against pests, enhancing the resilience of your plants.

  • Customizable Colors: Tailor the protection to your garden's aesthetic with our range of colors including classic White, earthy Brown, and lush Green, ensuring seamless integration into your landscape.

Team Grow's Seal of Approval:

As a brand dedicated to empowering at-home growers, Team Grow stands behind IV Organic® WhiteWash for its commitment to organic integrity and plant health. Our shared mission to provide eco-friendly solutions makes IV Organic® WhiteWash a cornerstone product for conscientious gardeners.

Nurture your garden with confidence under the protective embrace of IV Organic® WhiteWash. Available now at TeamGrow.us — where we grow with you.

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